August 8-11, 2024

Hugo Del Pozzo


Hugo Del Pozzo founded the Pinea Winery with a simple but ambitious purpose: to
produce some of the best wines in the World. To do so, along with childhood friend
Vicente Pliego, they assembled 85 acres of mature vineyards situated near Olmedillo de
Roa – the northern edge or Grand Cru part of the Ribera del Duero region. The
vineyards benefit from extreme weather and limestone-rich soils, and are farmed
following organic and sustainable viticulture practices that provide grapes a unique
sense of place. A World-class team of winemakers then pays attention to detail in every
step of the wine-making process, resulting in wines characterized by lifted aromatics,
complexity and elegant texture.

Mr. Del Pozzo’s interest in fine wine is rooted on fond teenage memories of large family
gatherings around tables full of great food – Italian on his Father’s family, Spanish on his
Mother’s, paired with respective wines. Mr. Del Pozzo believes a fine bottle of wine has
the ability to transcend time, by awakening our senses and creating joyful emotions, and
in so doing, becoming part of memorable moments.

Mr. Del Pozzo’s ‘day job’ is directing private equity investments through: Bravo Equity
Partners, a Fort Worth-based firm he co-founded in 2000 that focuses on venture and
growth-stage companies; and, BioAxess Investments, which invests in early-stage 
biotechnology opportunities. Mr. Del Pozzo is also the Founder and President of Savor
Restaurant Group and Texas Patrones, entities that operate different franchised
restaurants in North Texas, Houston and Austin.